October 1, 2017

To enhance the safety and security of all Tuscany Square I residents, our gate access system has been in the process of being upgraded. This upgrade is now almost complete.  Aside from our inability to communicate with the older system, one of the reasons for the upgrade was to eliminate the use of access codes. Since the original system was installed a decade ago, over 650 different access codes have been used by residents, workmen, employees, deliverymen, movers, etc. to gain entrance into our ‘gated’ community.

By now, every condo unit owner/resident should have received two key fobs.

On October 8, 2017, all four-digit access codes will be eliminated. You will need this key fob to open the pedestrian gates.  Please note: All existing vehicle remote clickers will NOT be affected.  They will continue to open the main vehicle entrance gate.

When you are expecting a guest or any other non-residents, including workmen, deliverymen, movers etc., you will instruct them to use the directory system at the callbox located next to the vehicle and pedestrian entry gates. They will press either the up or down arrow to see an alphabetic listing of last names. (Your unit number will NOT appear on the directory system.)  Next to your name will be a directory number. When the directory number is entered, the System will call the telephone number you have provided to us.  Once the resident has answered the call, you have two options:

– Dial “9” to grant access, this will open the gate

– Hang up or Dial an asterisk “*” to disconnect the call and deny access

When entry is granted, a beeping tone will sound at the callbox indicating that the gate is being opened and the system will automatically disconnect.  You have 60 seconds to complete the call with the individual at the entry gate.

If the resident is on the phone and has call waiting, they will be notified that someone is at the gate via the normal call waiting procedure. The caller ID from the gate access system is “Gate System” or “Tuscany Square”.


**** Additional Notes ****

Additional key fobs may be purchased (up to four) for $10 each. Also, additional remote clickers for the main vehicle gate are available for $25 each.  You may order these by sending your request to tsq1.coa@mail.com. Include your name, unit number and number of key fobs / clickers desired.   Payment will be collected when they are hand delivered to you. A signature is required for delivery.

You can supply your visitor with your directory number so they don’t have to look it up in the directory listing. (your directory number is NOT associated with your unit number or the number on your key fobs) They can then hit the button with the telephone icon on it and enter your directory number, which will call you and allow you to open the gate by pressing ‘9’.

We have made every effort to ensure that the correct phone numbers have been entered into the system, however, I would suggest that you test the system yourself to be sure it is calling the correct number.


Annual Fire Inspection and Pest Control application

July 17, 2017

Dear Owner / Renter,

The State of Florida requires our Condo Association to annually test our fire protection system (lights and horns) and to visually inspect the sprinkler system inside each condo and garage.  While we inspect each condo’s fire sprinkler system, our pest management company will provide its annual pest control application.

The inspections will begin on Monday, August 7, 2017 at 8:00 AM and end on Friday, August 11, 2017. We will enter all condos and garages between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.  Our maintenance manager should have keys to all units and garages.

We will be turning the locks on all front doors this week to ensure that we have access to ALL units.  We will NOT be entering any units during this time.

The schedule is as follows:

Monday (8/7) Pest Control in Garages & Units

Fire Sprinklers Garages

Tuesday (8/8) Fire Sprinklers in Units
Wednesday (8/9) Fire Sprinklers in Units

Fire Sprinklers in Commercial

Thurs/Fri (8/10) (8/11) Fire alarm checks

You can expect periodic short bursts from the alarm horns in residential units and in commercial units.

  1. If you have pets, and you are not home for the inspection, please put them in a bedroom so they don’t run out the door when we open it.
  1. If you are not home, the inspector and our maintenance manager will enter your unit.
  1. If you opt out of pest control service you are not entitled to free pest control services until the next annual application.

Please let us know if you plan to opt out of the pest control service. (You can not opt out of the sprinkler inspections.)






 Dear Owners and Residents,

Residential units in Tuscany Square tend to experience a high level of humidity during the winter.  The effect of this humidity is seen most clearly in the form of water droplets on window surfaces, dampness on walls, and small dark spots, usually on walls near the windows or in other high humidity locations such as bathrooms and kitchens.

You need to be aware that the quality of each unit’s interior air and the potential consequences of untreated high humidity (water droplets, dampness, dark spots) are the responsibility of the unit owner and resident.  The Association bears responsibility only if there is clear evidence of water intrusion from outside the unit.

There are several recommended steps that unit owners and residents can follow to prevent the build-up and consequences of excessive humidity.  The most important of these is the purchase and use of a dehumidifier.  Turning on a dehumidifier during the hours when the kitchen and bathrooms are in use is especially important.  We also recommend using the bathroom fan when showering. In addition, some, but not all, unit owners have found that slightly cracking a window open to barely break the seal is also helpful.

We again urge all owners and residents to address the high humidity in their units. If you observe dark spots, please contact Skip Brannan at  (386) 478-8876 or the e-mail address below. We will assist you in removing dark spots as long as your unit has an operating dehumidifier.  Without a dehumidifier our assistance would provide only temporary relief, and the spots would shortly reappear.

We want your interior air quality to be at a high level, so please don’t hesitate to ask us questions or to seek our advice.



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