Relocation of water shutoff valves


We are ready to start scheduling a Maintenance Project involving all 2nd floor units.

The water shutoff valves are in the ceilings of the Commercial Units. The location of these valves has proven to be unacceptable as the Association is unable to gain access to the valves in an emergency and this could pose a health, safety, or welfare concern to the community.  To remedy this situation, we have decided to relocate the valves from the commercial ceilings to an area in or near the 2nd floor residential water heater closets.  In the future, if it is necessary to turn off the water in a stack, the owner, and the tenant (if one exists) will be notified that Maintenance, or a Board Member will need to enter your unit to turn off the valve.  Each valve will be placed inside the wall and covered with an access panel.

The work will be completed by Armitage Plumbing and will take approximately 4 hours.  The water will be turned off to the entire stack of units during that time.  During the water shutoff each unit should turn the water heater off at the breaker and turn the ice machine off in your refrigerator.  You may also want to have a bucket of water available to flush toilets, if necessary.



The Tuscany Square 1 Board of Directors would like to inform you of the preventative measures we have implemented to blunt the impact of Covid-19 and to minimize our residents’ potential exposure to this virus. 

Effective immediately, Michael will disinfect (with a solution recommended by the CDC) all common area door knobs, trash chutes, elevator buttons (interior and exterior), elevator railing, walk thru gates & buttons, keypads at the walk thru gates and the drive thru gate, mailboxes, and commercial trash enclosures. Due to time constraints we are not able to disinfect the stairwell hand rails and we want you to keep that in mind if you use the stairs. This will take place Monday thru Friday in the morning and late in the afternoon. We will not be disinfecting individual residential or commercial entrance doors and are encouraging individual residents to do this themselves. In addition, we have advised Michael to avoid entering any unit except in case of an emergency. 

Residents also have an obligation to take steps to keep themselves and their neighbors safe. Use common sense and do not invite guests to visit who have recently traveled to any high-risk areas. If you are a resident who is particularly vulnerable to this virus, please be sure we have updated emergency contact information on file. If you or anyone in your household tests positive for Covid-19, please inform Tuscany Square by calling 386-478-8876. We expect anyone who contracts the virus to follow protocols pertaining to quarantine set forth by the CDC. 

If you are feeling ill or have any questions or concerns you can contact the Florida Department of Health’s 24-hour hotline that can be reached at 1-866-779-6121.

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