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  1. Is there a form I can fill out to request that my neighbor stop playing music in his master bedroom so loud that we can’t hear the TV in the living room over the thumping of his bass? I can not tell if he is playing an amplified drum or just the stereo but it is too loud and the bass will likely knock the pictures off my wall if he keeps up.

    This same neighbor leaves his dog home alone all day and it barks from morning till night. We don’t hear this barking dog inside our unit but can hear it everytime we leave and feel it’s animal cruelty. We have been told by others that this goes on every day.

    The offending unit number is Bldg 5
    Unit 226

  2. If my dog is 15 inches from her paw to the top of her shoulder blade, but is overweight by about 10 lbs, does that mean I will not be approved by the board? I am very serious about buying a unit to retire in. Please if someone could follow up on this I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I have recently obtained a divorce and I am moving back into my Condo, Unit 417. Unfortunately my x-husband has not given me the HOA payment book for the remaining year of 2021. Please let me know how I can pay this through direct pay. I’am a physician and do not have a lot of time so the easiest way to pay HOA dues would be appreciated.

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