Pet Registration Form

Pet Registration

In an attempt to become more compliant with our rules pertaining to Pets, we are establishing the following Pet policy. All pet owners must adhere to the “Use and Occupancy” rules regarding pets outlined in the below documents which includes having each pet registered with the association (Section 18.6 of the Declarations).

Restrictions on “Use and Occupancy” pertaining to pets can be found in the following:

Prospectus: “IV Restrictions of Use and Occupancy”: The only permitted pets shall be dogs (not to exceed 20 pounds each), cats, birds and fish. No more than 2 four-legged animals shall be permitted in a unit.

Declarations: Section 18: “Occupancy and Use Restrictions: 18.6 Pets Website,, (Documents, Declarations, p.29)

By-Laws: Rule 1 Website (Rules & Regulations, 1. Pets)

If you are a tenant, and your pet does not meet the TSQ1 weight restrictions your pet may remain until your current lease expires. If you are an owner and your pet does not meet the TSQ1 weight restrictions your pet will be grandfathered in as long as you own your unit. In the future all pets must be registered and approved prior to purchase or rental.

All pet owners must comply with Rule #1 pertaining to Pets.

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