Full View Glass Door Request Forms

Full View Glass doors are permitted only if the unit owner agrees to be fully responsible for payment of the following items: the door and its installation (The door must be custom made for each unit because the main entry doorway is not a standard size. To ensure accuracy, measurements for the dimensions of the door should be done by a professional installer.),maintenance of the door (keeping the door in proper working order and with clean glass), and eventual replacement. Furthermore, the unit owner agrees not to change the physical appearance of the door by, for example, painting or etching letters or pictures on the glass, attaching items to any part of the door including the frame, glass, screen, etc. Essentially, the Full View Glass door must provide a completely clear view of the unit’s main entry door. The Board reserves the right to remove the door if the unit owner fails to maintain the door in proper working order and appearance.

The Board has selected a specific Andersen Full View Glass door for installation in TSQ1, and no other Full View Glass door is permitted (Andersen 3000 Series Full View – Must be Almond). Since the Board is permitting an attachment to a common element, a professional installation is required. The installer MUST be pre-approved by the Architectural Rules and Regulations committee.

Also – note that every door in TSQ1 is slightly different in size. Therefore, every Andersen Full View Glass Door must be custom made to fit each individual unit.  The price indicated on the website (see link above) DOES NOT reflect the actual cost.

Full View Glass Door Request Form

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