Message from the President – February & March 2017

Message from the President

February/March 2017


It’s Springtime in Tuscany Square and we are in full “beautification” mode to make our complex one we can all be proud of.



 The completion of Phase 1 (Roof, stucco repair, expansion joints, waterproofing & paint of the building) has been slower than anticipated due to inclement weather. However, I am pleased to announce that we should be finished with the exterior of the building in about two weeks!!  Steve has completed most of his inspections from all of the balconies and Skip and Steve have completed a walk around of the entire building to note any deficiencies to present to the contractor in the form of a punch list. I walked with them for a portion of their inspection and I have to say they were noticing imperfections that I couldn’t even see!  We are very fortunate to have these two men look after “all that is good” in TSQ1. Thank you Steve & Skip!!  Also, thank you to the owners/residents; you graciously opened your doors so the inspections could be completed.


We began Phase 3 on February 9 and only have Bldg 1 to complete.  This was a 3 person project.  I did all of the emails, communicated with the owners and tenants and scheduled each inspection, Skip created the program we used on the computer for this project, ordered the hardware, modified 610 hinges and modified a few door handles, provided Frank Dorio with a weekly schedule and communicated with Frank on a daily basis etc. etc..  Frank Dorio worked every day since inception and completed 3-4 units per day.  About 55% of owners took advantage of this opportunity to replace their balcony hardware.  As soon as the Phase 1 work on the balconies in Bldg 1 is complete, we will finish this project.


We will begin Phase 2 (Pressure washing the roofs on the garages in the center of the parking lot, paint the walkways and stairwells) on March 21, when we will begin the pressure washing. When we begin the painting we will start in Bldg 1.

This is the final stage and I know everyone will be very happy to see all of this construction end.  You’ve had to move your furniture, move you cars, listen to the construction noise, maneuver around the lifts, tolerate the dust etc, etc.. But…..the end is in sight……just look around…..the transformation is amazing.  We should be proud of our accomplishments!


Lindley’s Nursery will be here March 29-31 restoring our landscaping.  They will remove and replace all dead plants, bushes and trees.  We will be adding some additional items to include a lemon tree and a lime tree to be enjoyed by the residents.  Several residents are enjoying the herbs we have planted and I expect the lemons and limes will also be a welcome addition.

We recently had the palms trimmed to remove hurricane damage and will continue working with this arborist for our future palm tree maintenance.

We are in the process of hiring a landscape maintenance company and a company to maintain our fertilization and pest control.



The 2017 Budget was approved on February 23, 2017. Maintenance fees will remain the same and we should all receive our coupon booklets by the end of the month.


The “Spring Cookout” will take place on April 1, 2017 at 6:00PM in the TSQ1 park (grill area).  The association will furnish hamburgers and hot dogs, buns, condiments and soda & ice.  Please sign up in the elevators to bring a side dish, appetizer or dessert and BYOB.  Thanks to Marge Miller for volunteering to be the Chair person for this event.  Looking forward to seeing you there.


Since the last newsletter the Board has decided to outsource the landscaping and pest control and have Matt & Steve concentrate on maintenance and cleaning.  We will not be hiring a part time addition to the staff.


We have purchased additional security cameras and are tentatively on Steve’s schedule to be installed next week.  Upon completion of this project we will have complete coverage of our property.


Skip has been securing estimates to upgrade our rapidly failing gate system.  I think we are prepared to choose a contractor at our next meeting and begin the “much needed” improvement to our gate system.


Steve and Matt completely gutted our storage room in Bldg 6 on the 2nd floor.  They painted the entire room, put up some shelving and brought in the file cabinets we have been collecting.  Pat & Mike Hatzel have volunteered to organize our files and have started going through the boxes and placing the files in the cabinets. This tedious work will take a while but the end result will be well worth it.  Thanks so much, Pat & Mike!!


Our Annual meeting will be held April 27, 2017 at 6:00PM in the Venetian Bay Clubhouse.  We hope to see you there.


The dismissal has been filed with the court and we have a copy of the dismissal in our possession. The case against the developer has been settled and we will have that paperwork very soon. It’s over….this will be the last “Lawsuit Update”.


I would like a volunteer from each building to be part of a telephone tree.  These people would be called upon to call each owner in their building to communicate anything urgent that requires immediate contact. We may never have a reason to use this but I want to have it in place in the event it is needed. Please contact me if you can be part of this committee.


We have updated the approved vendor list and you will be receiving your copy in the near future.  We are in the process of securing Certificates of Insurance, licenses, and Workers Comp certificates from each of these vendors.


Property modification requests and Permit requirements are on the website. Please secure Certificate of Insurance, workers comp certificate, and license from any contractor doing work at TSQ1.


Thank you to all who have contributed to our progress.  Thank you to Steve and Matt for having a personal interest in the property and the people who live here.  Thank you Skip for handling your multiple duties in a conscientious & professional manner.  Your knowledge and experience is such a benefit to TSQ1. Thank you to the Board who make every decision in the best interest of the Owners.



Nancy Graves



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