Message from the President – November 2016

Message from the President

October / November 2016


Our October 27 meeting was held at Cross Creek Church at 6:00PM, and we only had two owners attend. The board scheduled an evening meeting to improve attendance, but in light of limited interest, they decided to return to 1PM at Venetian Bay Clubhouse beginning November 17.

ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: Venetian Bay Market is open and it will be a great addition to our community.

TOWN CENTER: No report.

LANDSCAPING: The herb garden is growing beautifully. I have seen several residents taking advantage of our large assortment of fresh herbs. Also, the Landscape Committee welcomes a new member, Dena Vermette, and we are very appreciative of her offer to be involved.

The committee met and went over our 2017 plan. We are following recommendations from an arborist, and we have November 30 appointment with Lindley’s Nursery to walk the property, make any additional recommendations and estimate the project. We will schedule the work as soon as possible as we are anxious to increase the beauty of our landscaping to enhance our newly restored building.

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT/BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS: The roofing repairs are 100% complete as per our defects, and we will be doing the final walk around with the contractor as soon as it can be scheduled. Additionally, we had some damage as a result of the hurricane. We made emergency repairs to prevent further damage and are waiting for the roofer to complete the permanent repairs. Going forward, I will refer to the building restoration as follows: Phase 1 – the exterior of the entire building including the pressure washing of the roof tiles;  Phase 2 – the walkways and the freestanding garages; and Phase 3 – exterior balcony doors and fixed glass windows.

Phase 1 –  is about 70% complete but progress has slowed due to the more than expected amount of “time and material” damage discovered on the west side of the building. We have decided it is not beneficial to seal the roof tiles and have agreed with the contractor to pressure wash the free standing garage roofs in lieu of the sealing.

Phase 2 – We approved the bid for Phase 2, which includes the walkways and the garages. I will be meeting with the contractor to sign the bid, and I will be able to give you more information regarding the expected completion date of Phase 1 and the start date of Phase 2 after my meeting.

Phase 3 – We secured a legal interpretation of our documents to determine the maintenance responsibility of the exterior balcony doors and fixed glass panels. The opinion states it is the association’s responsibility to paint these areas but it is the owner’s responsibility to replace the hardware, including door handles, dead bolt locks and hinges. We have contracted with resident painter, Frank Dorio to do all the painting. He will be removing the hardware to complete the painting and ideally this would be the time to replace the hardware if you decide to do so. A lot of people have complained their hardware had peeled and the hinges have rusted. To make this as easy as possible, we are researching the cost of the hardware and will be purchasing all necessary pieces in bulk and available for owner purchase. You will be getting additional information regarding this in the near future as Frank expects to begin this phase in the new year. Buildings 4, 5, and 6 will be painted first.

The elevator floors have been replaced and we have received a lot of positive feedback.

LAWSUIT :Everyone should be aware the lawsuit was settled July 5, 2016. The details have not been communicated due to a confidentiality agreement as part of the terms of the settlement. Unfortunately, the board is not permitted to discuss it.

FIRE INSPECTION:  We are still waiting for prices to replace the caps and plates that had been previously painted, and will notify the owners as soon as we have this information.

FIRE SPRINKLER RETROFITTING:  We received a legal opinion regarding this issue. It was determined due to the age and height of our building, the requirement did not apply and no further action is required.

LEASE/PURCHASE APPLICATIONS: In the event you sell or rent your unit, please refer the realtor, new tenant or buyer to our website so we receive the proper paperwork in a timely manner. If you have any questions about this, please contact us through the website,

FUTURE PROJECTS: We are still planning to set up a file room after the first of the year. If any prior board members have any association documents in your possession, I would appreciate you letting me know and I will make arrangements to pick them up and put them with the association files. If anyone is interested in helping with this future project, please let me know.



When: Saturday, December 17 at 6:00PM
Where: Grill area
The board is supplying hors d’ oeurvres and soft drinks.
(We are still looking for someone to fill in for Santa Claus….we have his clothes and just need a volunteer.  Please contact me if you are interested)
A flyer will be sent to all owners and residents very soon.

Thank you to all of the Board members for your assistance, thank you to Skip, Steve and Matt for all that you do and thank you Owners for your cooperation, kind words and support.



Nancy Graves


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