Message from the President – October 2016

Message from the President

October, 2016

Our second evening meeting was held on September 22 at Cross Creek Church at 6:00 PM. Our attendance was down and we will be discussing changing our meetings back to the afternoon if attendance does not increase. We will  give it a great deal of consideration before we make any future changes. I welcome your input regarding this issue.

ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE: Venetian Bay Market  is almost ready to open and will be a great addition to our community. At the present time there is only one remaining vacant commercial space and it is being planned for conversion to additional office space for Geosam.

Geosam brought us up to date on all of the construction that is going on in our community and informed us that they have  listed all of their residential units for sale.

LANDSCAPING: The herb garden is complete. In the garden itself, at the bottom of the stairwell in building 5, we have oregano, sage, thyme, mint and rosemary and some decorative plants. In the common area close to the drive-thru gate we have a pot with basil and parsley. The cilantro and jalapeno pepper did not survive the hurricane and we will be replacing them in another pot in the very near future.  Please help yourselves and I hope you enjoy the Herb Garden! Once again, a huge THANK YOU to Sally Spurney overseeing this project for the enjoyment of all of us at Tuscany Square!!

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT/BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS: The roofing repairs are about 90% complete. The building is about 60% complete. We are rethinking sealing the tiles on the roof and have consulted roofing contractors and done some research on the benefits versus the cost of this project. We will make a final decision at the next meeting. We have received a bid to complete the building project (the walkways and the garages) and will be approving that bid at the next meeting.

The elevator floors will be replaced next week and each elevator will be out of use for about 2 hours while the work is being done. We will notify you the exact day and time as soon as we have confirmation.

LAWSUIT :We have requested a status report from our lawyer regarding our action  against the developer so we can weigh the economic impact of continuing to pursue this claim.

FIRE INSPECTION:  We are still waiting for prices to replace the caps and plates that had been previously painted and will notify the owners as soon as we have this information.  We recently had our fire panels inspected and were notified that they are becoming obsolete and will have to consider replacement in the future.

FIRE SPRINKLER RETROFITTING: Florida Statutes have now made a requirement to retrofit condominium buildings with a fire sprinkler system.  We have received a legal opinion from Becker & Poliakoff regarding this issue and it is their opinion that the requirement only applies to high rise buildings (75 feet) and that since our building is relatively new, there is a very strong indication that our building complies with all state and local fire sprinkler requirements.
LEASE/PURCHASE APPLICATIONS: We have made some modifications to our application process and it is now completely online and available through our website. If you are leasing or selling your unit, the new renter or buyer must complete the application online. We are now able to accept payment for the background/credit check online and the application will go directly to the vendor. The background check will be sent to the Lease/Purchase committee for approval and the owner or realtor will be notified. Sales will be handled by Leland Mgt and rentals will be handled by the  Tuscany Square Board. This process must be followed for all new residents of Tuscany Square. We will be sending you an email regarding the entire process in the near future. THANK YOU to our in house “techie”, Skip Brannan for all of your hard work to complete this project!

HURRICANE MATTHEW: Structurally our building survived the hurricane pretty well.  We have a section on the roof that had not yet been repaired and was made worse by the storm.  Steve and Matt spent an entire day making temporary repairs until it can be fixed.  We also lost a few shutters and had some tree damage. All of our maintenance requests for water intrusion came from the side of the building that has not yet been waterproofed. That in itself gives us confidence in the results of our construction project.  Steve is responding to these requests on a priority basis and we are doing our best to handle all requests in a timely manner. THANK YOU to Steve and Matt for all of the preparation for the storm i.e. storing all of our potted plants, storing all of the commercial awnings that had been removed for the construction project.

FUTURE PROJECTS: Our next project is  setting up a file room for association documents.  We have received several boxes of documents from Atlantic Shores Mgt. and we need to go through them and set up a filing system. Steve and I are discussing our options and once the Board approves we will begin sifting through boxes. Owner, Pat Hatzell expressed her interest in helping us with this project and if anyone else with organizational skills would like to assist please let me know.

Budget time is upon us so all future projects probably will not be addressed until the first of the year.

Thank you to all of the Board members for your assistance, thank you to Skip, Steve and Matt for all that you do and thank your  Owners for your cooperation, kind words and support.


Nancy Graves



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