Access Gate Instructions

Access Gate Instructions and Parking permits

Directory Name: This is the name that will appear on the entry system at the gate. The system will display the first initial and last name of the person(s) occupying the unit. Your unit number will NOT appear on the directory system.

Resident Phone Number: This phone number will be called automatically by the access gate system when a visitor arrives. When you answer the phone, a two-way conversation is initiated with the person at the gate. Pressing ‘9’ on your phone will open the gate and end the call immediately.

Directory Number: This is a three digit number assigned to the resident phone number in the directory system.

When you are expecting a guest or any other non-residents, including workmen, deliverymen, movers etc., you should instruct them to use the directory system at the callbox located next to the vehicle and pedestrian entry gates. They will press the up or down arrow to see an alphabetic listing of last names. (Your unit number will NOT appear on the directory system.)  Next to your name will be the directory number. When the directory number is entered, the System will call the resident phone number you provided to us.  Once the resident has answered the call, they have two options:

– Dial “9” to grant access (do a long press if you are using a cell phone)

– Hang up to disconnect the call and deny access

You have 60 seconds to complete the call with the individual at the entry gate, however pressing “9” to allow access immediately disconnects the call.

If the resident is on the phone and has call waiting, they will be notified that someone is at the gate via the normal call waiting procedure. The caller ID from the gate access system is “Gate System”.

If the resident phone number you supplied is a cell phone number, there will be no caller ID from the gate system until you add it to your contacts list on your cell phone.


Parking Permits

Vehicles belonging to residents will be given a white and green, numbered parking sticker that can be attached to the car’s windshield. The stickers will enable our staff to identify illegally parked vehicles, so they can contact the towing service for immediate removal of the vehicle. We also want to alert all residents to the yellow No Parking signs that are painted on the entrance to the six buildings and the four exterior trash receptacles.  It is illegal to park in these areas, and any unoccupied vehicle parked in these areas will be towed.


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