Dumpsters and Trash Chutes

Proper Use of Dumpsters and Trash Chutes

As you may have noticed, the “Authorized Personnel Only” signs on the 1st floor trash rooms have been painted black. Some residents considered these trash rooms “Off Limits” when in reality; they are specifically for residents use. There are trash chutes on every floor near the elevators for your convenience. Use the trash chute if your refuse will fit into it, however, if it is too large to go down the chute, please take it downstairs and dispose of it in the dumpster. Do not leave anything in the trash rooms on the residential floors. Unfortunately, we do not have a recycling program at this time, so everything goes in the dumpster. Trash pickup is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (at no particular time).

The dumpsters located outside, around the driveway, are for commercial tenant use only. These dumpsters are much smaller and fill up quickly, so please reserve these for commercial use only.

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