Moving Regulations






All residential and commercial move-ins and move-outs must notify the Leland Management of the day and time of the move. Call 386-310-2874. The management company will approve and advise the moving company of a specific location for their vehicles within the driveway circle.  Every attempt will be made to provide a convenient location.  However, if a suitable space cannot be found on the circle, the moving vehicle must wait outside on Luna Bella Lane until space becomes available.  The driveway circle is a NO PARKING/FIRE ZONE area, and fire vehicle access is required at all times.  There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTION to this requirement.

Residential units:  All residential sales or leases must be preceded by an “Application for Purchase/Lease.”  They shall include a check for the appropriate amount, made payable and delivered to:

Leland Management
Mark Michalek – CAM
275 S US HWY 17-92, Suite 101 
Debary, FL, 32713  
Phone: (386) 310-2874   

Each new owner shall notify the Association promptly by delivering a copy of their deed to the unit to the Association and the management firm.  

No unit shall be sold or leased unless the owner first receives a certificate from the Association that all assessments have been paid in full.  

A $300 refundable deposit must accompany a move-in/move-out notification.   This amount will be used to pay for any damage that may occur to the common areas, including the elevator, stairwells, hallways, etc.  Our maintenance staff (386-478-6050) will pad the elevator cab to protect it from damage.  After the move is completed, a member of the maintenance staff and/or condo board will review the condition of the common areas and provide a list of the damages, if any, to the owner of the unit. Any refund due will be processed as soon as any damaged common areas have been repaired.  If the damage exceeds the deposit, the moving/delivery company/personnel shall be billed.   

If either a new residential owner or a new renter moves in and the management company is NOT notified of the moving day, a $100 Inspection Fee will be added to the unit’s first monthly maintenance fee.     

If an owner or a renter moves out and fails to notify the management company, a $100 Inspection Fee will be added to the unit’s last monthly maintenance fee.  

NO large, bulky items such as furniture, appliances, etc. can be transported in the elevator unless protective padding has been installed. Call 386-478-8876 to have pads installed. Using the elevator without this padding will result in a $100 Inspection Fee that will be added to the unit’s next monthly maintenance fee, plus the cost of any damage that results.  

Moving is NOT permitted before 8:00 am or on SUNDAY after 7 pm. A violation will result in a $100 Inspection Fee that will be added to the unit’s monthly maintenance fee and any detected damage will be charged to the unit owner.


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