Parking Regulations

No parking in the Right of Way. There are two signs clearly posted at the gated entrance that state this. The Right of Way is defined as the U-shaped driveway on the interior of the complex. No motor vehicle shall be parked in the Right of Way in a manner that obstructs the safe, free flow of vehicular traffic or obstructs the movement of other vehicles into and out of the condo complex. Also, this Right of Way must remain clear to allow any emergency vehicles access to all areas should the need arise. Stopping along side of the Right of Way is only permitted for quick (five minutes or less) drop-offs or pick-ups, in which case emergency flashers should be used.
Please inform service technicians and workers that they may park inside the gated area only in designated service/delivery parking spaces or on your assigned apron while they work.

White curbs – Resident parking is not allowed in any area designated as Parking for Delivery and Service Vehicles Only.

Yellow curbs – No vehicles are permitted to park in areas designated with a yellow curb.

Fire Hydrants – Any vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant is subject to towing without notice.

12 Open space parking spots – These are not to be used for long-term parking (over 48 hrs.). Every residential unit has at least one enclosed garage space. If you have a vehicle that is not used regularly, keep it in the garage. These parking rules apply to all vehicles, whether those of the resident, resident’s contractors, or any guest. The resident is responsible for violations by their contractors and guests. This includes any vehicle owned or used by residents’ friends or family members and parked on the property for any length of time.

All residents shall register ALL of their motor vehicles with the Association Office and be issued a vehicle identification decal (this includes all vehicles parked on aprons in front of garages). These decals must be displayed in a clearly visible location, i.e., driver’s side of windshield. Since the parking situation at Tuscany Square is very limited, the decals are for the purpose of controlling parking. Residents must provide pertinent vehicle identification data in order that all registered vehicles may be properly identified. To request additional parking stickers for your vehicles that do not yet have them, please visit 2/ and complete the form. Visitors may park in a units assigned garage, parking apron, or overflow parking lot (in front of the pool) only.

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