Welcome Package for New Owners/Renters

Welcome to Tuscany Square Condominiums

Dear New Owner / Renter,

Here are a few things you will need to know prior, during, and after you become a Tuscany Square resident. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at Tsq1.Coa@mail.com or give us a call at 386-478-8876.

A $300.00 refundable move-in deposit is required.  This check can be delivered to the liaison on site (386-478-8876), the maintenance manager on site, or mailed to the management company. This amount will be used to pay for any damage that may occur to the common areas, including the elevator, stairwells, hallways, etc.  Our maintenance staff (386-478-6050) will pad the elevator cab to protect it from damage.  After the move is completed, a member of the maintenance staff and/or condo board will review the condition of the common areas and provide a list of the damages, if any, to the owner of the unit. Any refund due will be processed as soon as any damaged common areas have been repaired.  If the damage exceeds the deposit, the moving/delivery company/personnel shall be billed.
For additional details, please read the Moving Regulations on our website here.

Gate Access:
Our gate access system uses the phone number you supplied on your Lease/Purchase Application. If you supplied more than one phone number, the number associated with the primary applicant will be used.  If you want the system to use another number, just send us an email indicating so.  (cell numbers are okay!)
For detailed instructions on how the gate access system works, visit our website here.

The parking situation at Tuscany Square is not ideal. Your unit comes with at least a one-car garage, use it. If you have an apron in front of your garage, use it.  If you have visitors, have them park in the large parking lot in front of the pool.  Visit our website for detailed rules about parking here.

Basic Rules & Regulations:
Rules and regulations about pets, noise, trash, balcony use, etc. are found on our website here. It is imperative that you read and understand the Rules and Regulations for Tuscany Square Condominiums.  If they were not provided to you by your real estate agent or leasing agent, you can find them on our website.  Your parking permits will be delivered to you only after you confirm that you have read and understand the Rules and Regulations.

Who to call: 
Below is a list of vendors that may be helpful in your move.

Cable/Internet – Spectrum – 855-657-7328
Electric/Water/Trash – Utilities Commission – 386-427-1361
Pest Control – Prime Pest Services Inc – Jim – 386-679-7121
Air Conditioning – Ross Air Conditioning & Heating – Scott 386-423-5564
Locksmith – Matlock – 386-341-6066
Paint – Sherwin Williams – 386-427-2166


If you have any questions or comments, you may contact us electronically via email:  tsq1.coa@mail.com , visit our website: tuscanysquarecondominium.org,  call our office at 386-478-8876, or mail to the address below.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Tuscany Square 1 COA
424 Luna Bella Lane # 132
New Smyrna Beach,  FL  32168

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