TSQ1 BoD Meeting Minutes

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Tuscany Square I Condominium Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

 Date: July 24, 2014

Place: Venetian Bay Clubhouse
Time: 1:00pm

Meeting called to order at 1:02 pm by Frances Lipscomb, President of the Board.
Board Members Present: Frances Lipscomb, President, Richard Mistarz, Vice President, Ken Kopecky, Secretary, Lloyd Morris, Treasurer, Skip Brannan, Director
Via Skype: David Shahinian, Director

Present from Atlantic Shores Management: Mark Roskamp & Kelly Roskamp

I. Motion to approve the minutes of June 24, 2014 with changes, made by Lloyd Morris, 2nd by Richard Mistarz, unanimously approved.

Financial report was given by Mark Roskamp. Motion to approve made by Ken Kopecky, 2ndby Richard Mistarz, unanimously approved.

    1. Mark reviewed the A/R report with notes from the Attorney’s office. Unit 430 paid off the outstanding balance, and we are waiting for the check to clear.
    2. Unit 218 was discussed regarding foreclosure. Skip Brannan & Ken Kopecky examined the unit and believe that the cost to prepare it for rental would not exceed $3,000 and is likely to be significantly lower. Legal fees are approximately $2,000, so the maximum foreclosure/rental cost would be $5,000. Motion to foreclose was made by Ken Kopecky, 2nd by Skip Brannan, unanimously approved.

Statements for the Record:

  1. Steve Costa provided a preliminary drawing for an on-site maintenance/management office.
  2. On July 17, 2014, Hunter D. Patterson, Lawyer for Alan Green Construction was on site for approximately 3 hours to examine the Condo complex. He was accompanied by Alan Green and an Architect who examined and photographed the condo exterior, several balconies & part of the commercial space.
  3. Destructive testing of wall samples and balcony inspections by KWA has been completed. According to Ken Kopecky, 16 balconies were inspected.
  1. Motions
    1. The Board discussed appointing Skip Brannan to the position of Board liaison to TSQ1 at the stipend of $10.00 per hour for 20 hours per week. He will act as on-site manager and will be available to conduct condo business with all residents as soon as an on-site office is made available. Motion to approve was made by Ken Kopecky, 2nd by Lloyd Morris. Five yes votes and one abstention (David Shahinian). S. abstained
  2. Resident comments not associated with agenda items. None

VI. Board Members comments (5 minutes each)

  1. Richard Mistarz – Use of the bathrooms in the breezeway – TSQ1 has not as yet received a formal proposal from Geosam.

Maintenance crew duties – Richard Mistarz commented that he would prefer a detailed daily schedule of duties. Others commented that, given the size of TSQ1, flexibility in carrying out maintenance and custodial tasks is needed

City center maintenance – Mark Roskamp has submitted a proposal to Geosam.

Dumpster enclosures – the cost to enclose the four dumpsters is approximately $8,000.

  1. Ken Kopecky – Storage space for maintenance equipment – the staff is temporarily using the garage of unit 218. TSQ1 will need to enclose the open space in building 3 in the near future – see V1e. below.
  2. Lloyd Morris – dumpster enclosures – see V1a. above.
  3. David Shahinian – Mark reviewed the Center city maintenance proposal.
  4. Skip Brannan – Skip received the following quotes for the equipment storage room door:
  • A – door with a window – $750.00
  • B – door with louvers – $695
  • C – roll up door – $247

Skip also received quotes for the door to the future management office that will be located on the second floor of building 1. Allied Window suggested installing a window in the existing door for $235 plus labor. After discussion, a motion to allow Skip Brannan to spend up to $1000 on both doors was made by Richard, 2nd by Ken Kopecky, unanimously approved.

Skip Brannan requested approval to place a notice on cars parked in the 10 outside spaces without parking stickers. Motion to approve was made by Ken Kopecky, 2nd by Lloyd, unanimously approved. Skip will begin monitoring these spaces, and after 2 warnings the car will be towed.

Access Codes – a problem with entering area codes has arisen. Skip Brannan will work on resolving this issue.

  1. Frances Lipscomb – elevator maintenance – A notice, “Do not hold elevator doors open. Use the open button in the cab,” should be posted in all elevators to prevent an automatic shut-down.

VII. Atlantic Shores Management comments –

Mark Roskamp – aging report was completed under financials.

  1. Proposal to Geosam was discussed in V1d.

VIII. Owner Comments – Richard Mistarz discussed the broken tiles in the elevators and noted that the original tiles are no longer available. He will get samples and pricing of different materials that would be suitable for the elevator floors. Lloyd Morris asked to install a full-length, flush-mounted glass door on the entrance to his unit. The Board requested documentation (e.g., brochures, pictures) for further discussion at the next meeting.

IX. Next Meetings

a. Next Board Meeting: August 28, 2014 at 1:00 (club reserved).

b. 2014 Meeting dates: September 25, October 23, November 20 and

December 18, 2014

X. Close Meeting – meeting adjourned at 4:07pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Roskamp

These minutes are not available.

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